Rapid Response Energy System (RR)

Rapid Response (RR) Wind Energy Structures are a transformative technology.  The fastest deployable reliable renewable energy solution for military, industrial and residential users. A complete energy solution including wind enclosure, generators and batteries. Capable of being deployed in less than an hour by two people.

Provides twice the power of other wind solutions. The efficient use of the wind enclosure and the dynamic chamber results in a wind energy system capable of providing low cost power, and reliable power.

Rapid response energy systems operate and survive environmental extremes making CBC Wind Energy the industry’s innovation leader.

CP Series

Rapid Response Series

Featuring a dependable and efficient design for both residential and agriculture applications.

  • Target - Residential and Agriculture
  • High quality, small generator to offset home energy consumption
  • Standard and grid-as-backup variants
Rapid Response Series Series

Featured Product

State-of-the-art Wind Energy System

CBC Wind Energy shatters the barriers to broad adoption

Value Proposition

Rapid Deployable Scale Wind energy

  • Deployable by 2 people in less than an hour
  • Scalable complete system; includes wind enclosure, generator and batteries
  • More than than 2X power per SF than solar & traditional wind
  • Sufficient Power Density (Kwh/ Sq Ft)
  • Scalable From <1Kw To 100Kw
  • Building And Ground Mountable

4-5 Cents Per Kwh

  • No Premium For Renewable Energy
  • Efficient In Both Low Adn High Winds
  • 70 Year Life
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Immediate Financial Benefits

Energy Resilience And Security

  • Withstands Extreme Austere Environments
  • Survives 200MPH Winds, Extreme Temps And Airborne Particulates
  • Non-Corrosive
  • Produces When Others Shut Down or Fail
  • Generation Co-Located With Consumers

Compatible With Built Environment

  • Broad Structural Compatibility - From Metro Hawaii To Rural Alaska, From Puerto Rico to Ny
  • Tolerant Of Built Environment Turbulence
  • Inconspicuous And Silent
  • Little To No Environmental Impact
  • Blends In With View-Scape
  • Zero Shadow Flicker And Falling Ice
  • Zero Noise And Vibration
  • Use Abundant, Unused Roof Top Space
  • Preserve Open Space
  • Simpler Permitting
  • Lower Transport Costs
  • Easier To Deploy

Rapid Response Energy System

how our technology works

Rapid Response Wind Energy Systems

Rapid Response RR Wind Energy Systems are a transformative technology.  This solution... 

  • Wind Color Direction

    Revolutionary approach to wind energy capture

    The sails of the CR Wind Energy System intercept the wind, create a vortex and focus its energy in a chamber at the center of the enclosure.

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  • Exploded View Of HIPS

    Dynamic chamber

    At the center of our enclosure is a chamber housing the rotor. The chamber dynamically changes size and shape responding to ambient wind speed and direction, optimizing air flow and power production.

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  • CBC Rotor

    Next Generation Rotor

    Our revolutionary, lightweight high performance rotor starts at lower wind speeds, stable at high wind speeds and is designed to drive multiple redundant generators.

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