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CBC Wind Energy

RR Series for Rapid Response

RR Series for Rapid Response

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Fastest at Scale Deployment of Wind Power

Can be installed by 2 people in less than an hour. Optimized for field assembly.

Plug and play tested components (wind enclosure, generator, battery and inverter)

Ground mounted. No tower or foundation, connect with solar arrays. .

Eliminates need for fuel. Reduced fuel costs, lessens logistical support burden.

    Patented (US 10,495,063). Tested with University of RI

    Revolutionary approach to wind energy capture

    The sails of the RR Wind Energy System intercept the wind, create a vortex and focus its energy in a chamber at the center of the enclosure.

    The fortified, hidden-in-plain-sight stationary structure harvests wind from all directions. Does not need to be pointed into wind.

    Produces 2x power of typical alternative energy technology.

    Silent, stationary, no shadow flicker, people and wildlife friendly.  Blends in with built-environment.

    Dynamic chamber

    At the center of our enclosure is a chamber housing the rotor. The chamber dynamically changes size and shape responding to ambient wind speed and direction, optimizing air flow and power production.

    Next Generation Rotor

    Our revolutionary, lightweight high performance rotor starts at lower wind speeds, stable at high wind speeds and is designed to drive multiple redundant generators.

    Minimum Maintenance

    All units are designed to operate in extreme and harsh environments with minimal maintenance.  

    70 year design life.  Survives 200mph winds.

    Deployment, operation and maintenance training included  
    10-year warranty and optional Investment Protection Program extended warranty and service / maintenance program.
    Proudly 100% Made in the US.


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