CBC's innovative technology is based upon stationary enclosure that intercepts and concentrates wind in a dynamic chamber, which in turn focuses and directs the wind towards a solid 4-point rotor in the center. This technology is covered by US Patent 10,495,063.

The enclosure is a Category 5 hurricane-resistant structure which houses and supports the rotor. Since it is stationary, the structure can be mounted on the roof of a building. Such a structure lends itself to a product life commensurate with the life span of the building / structure to which it will be mounted. Its appearance can be adapted to 'hide' the system in plain sight. There is no need to point the equipment into the wind. The CBC WES are omni-directional, meaning they can collect wind from all directions.

Since the technology is a stationary mechanical structure, it is analogous to other roof top mounted building systems equipment such as HVAC systems, commercial utility structures, and water tanks for instance.  In the absence of a building on which to mount the equipment (or if preferred), the equipment is fully capable and compatible with ground mounting and tower mounting.  (A compatible tower would be an appropriately sized platform lattice tower, similar to a fire tower)

Wind Concentrating Enclosure

The keystone element of the system is its stationary wind concentrating enclosure. It intercepts a greater amount of wind energy without increasing the size of the blades. It collects wind from all directions without having to be pointed into the wind. CBC's unique design includes a stationary wind concentrating enclosure that provides distinct and unique benefits:

CBC Rotor

Next Generation Rotor

Light-Weight, High Performance, And Supported From Top And Bottom For Unparalleled Stability

dynamic chamber

Dynamic Shaping

Chambered Enclosure Dynamically Changes Size And Shape In Response To Ambient Wind Speed And Directional Changes


Multiple Generators

Single Rotor Drives Redundant Generator Systems Ensuring Power Is Always Being Produced

Variable Load Generator Array (VLGA) Ensures Staggered Generator Startups Providing Optimizes Conversion of Available Wind

HIPS Wind Energy Systems

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