Wind Reimagined

The real promise of wind power lays in the metropolitan wind - it’s an enormous untapped resource. But we have been beholden to obsolete propeller based technology for too long and it is unable to tap into this vast resource. We need to reimagine Wind Energy. CBC Wind Energy has done just that.

CBC HIPS Wind Power Solution

Fortified, hidden in plain sight stationary generator harvests wind from all directions.

Survives hurricanes, reduces dependence on grid, and produces 2x power at a fraction of cost, powers equipment for field usage, for an extended period of time.

Stationary enclosure to intercept wind means more wind energy without increasing blade size as with a traditional wind turbine.

Low profile / closed design / modularity = no balance issues, fragile blades, or waiting for high winds to get massive blades moving.

Easy deployment: no tower or complicated foundation, mount on buildings or vehicles, connect with solar arrays, bring on deployments to power gear. Can be built for field assembly.

Tested with University of RI

Reaches full power in lower wind speeds (15 - 20mph).

No radar disruptions. Can be built to different sizes / scale.


Cupola Series

The perfect solution for both residential and agriculture applications.

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Rapid Response Wind Series

The perfect solution for both military, residential applications.

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Renewable energy technologies have been such a disappointment. They are flawed and have not evolved to meet the need.

The principle behind capturing wind energy is simple: to capture more energy, intercept more wind. Traditional alternatives do this by increasing the size of the device's blades.

  • Underperforming

    The more massive the blades, the more wind it takes to get them moving and the more vulnerable they become to extreme weather. As a result, they are “tuned” to a very narrow bandwidth of wind.

  • Incompatible

    Large blades create noise, become reliability risks, endanger wildlife and create greater shadow flicker. They pollute the view-scape and make an indelible imprint on the environment. And so we relegate them to remote, open areas.

  • Vulnerable

    Relegation to remote areas requires expensive transmission infrastructure to transport the power back to the community. This greatly increases the cost of implementation and is itself is vulnerable to extreme weather and difficult to maintain.

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The Solution For Storms

Affordable, Reliable and Resilient

Air Force Benefits / Value Adds

Adaptable for permanent bases, expeditionary bases and field applications.

No risk to low flying aircraft; no radar disruption.

Reduces base reliance on grid; bases less susceptible to outages, grid attacks.

Reduces fuel costs, lessens logistical support burden.

Compliments current DAF solar generation with easy-to-install wind power

Enables power in forward-deployed austere

Aligns with DAF, DoD climate and energy resiliency goals.

Continuous power = uninterrupted deployments and
sortie generation.