Collection: Hidden In Plain Sight Wind Energy Systems

Hidden In Plain Sight (HIPS) Wind Energy Structures are a transformative technology.  Their efficient use of their enclosure and the dynamic chamber housed within results in a wind energy system capable of providing low cost power, energy security and compatibility in a broad range of built environments ranging from homes, farms, commercial office buildings to airports.  

HIPS Wind Energy Structures survive environmental extremes and produces energy through critical conditions making CBC Wind Energy the industry’s innovation leader.

Watch HIPS Technology in Action

  • Ground or Building Mounted

    • Simplified deployment
    • Generation co-located with consumers
    • Eliminate costly transmission
  • Lower Energy Costs

    • 4-5 cents per kWh
    • Efficient in both low and high winds
    • 70 year life / costs components / low maintenance
  • Energy Security

    • Storm resilience - survives 200MPH winds
    • Produces when others shut down or fail
  • Power Density

    • >10x Solar and Wind
    • 25kW equivalent to 100kW Solar
  • Compatible with Built Environment

    • Zero shadow flicker and falling ice
    • Zero noise and vibration
    • Bird friendly
    • Use abundant, unused roof top space
    • Preserve open space
  • Financial Performance

    • Yields customer >9% ROI, 3yr payback v. 35 with HAWT
    • Plus - significant existing and expected incentives
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