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CBC Wind Energy

Crisis Response Series (CR Series)

Crisis Response Series (CR Series)

Clean Power for Austere Conditions.

Ships easily, deploys quickly, withstands extreme abuse, maintains simply.

Introducing the Crisis Response Series: a compact and robust emergency power solution. This all-in-one system includes a wind generator, battery storage, and power connections. It is easy to transport and deploy, requiring no heavy equipment. With its optimized power curve and Variable Load Generator Array, it ensures reliable power production. By eliminating the need for fuel, it reduces costs and logistical support. Flight operations compatible and tested with the University of RI. Respond swiftly in crises with the Crisis Response Series.

The CR Series is the perfect solution for crisis response situations in organized and austere environments. Crafted to meet the demands of both government and NGO crisis responders. Get the reliable, deployable emergency power you need.

Say goodbye to high electricity bills and reduce your carbon footprint with the Crisis Response Series. Harness the power of the wind and enjoy clean, renewable energy. Experience a greener future with this reliable, low-cost power solution.

Join the wind energy revolution with the Crisis Response Series.

Infrastructure in a Box

Provides ready-to-connect emergency power for long-term field usage.

Includes wind generator, battery storage, and power connections all in one box.

Hardened construction: Survives austere conditions and extreme weather events.

Simple to transport wind energy structure mounts to its own 20’ CONEX box.

  • Ships knocked down, fully wired, complete with all tools needed to deploy.
  • Designed to be deployed by 4-person crew without heavy equipment.
  • Needs no foundation or precise leveling. Anchors and guy wires included.

Power curve tailored to emergency applications:

  • Designed to produce approximately 20kWh daily typical min.
  • Oversized wind intercepting enclosure begins generating power at very low wind speeds.
  • Variable Load Generator Array (VLGA) optimizes power production at high wind speeds and provides redundant generators for increased fault tolerance.
Eliminates need for fuel. Reduced fuel costs, lessens logistical support burden.

    Enables power in forward, austere environments. Optimized for field assembly.

    Patented (US 10,495,063). Tested with University of RI

    Flight Operations Compatible: Ground mounted, stationary structure. No radar disruptions.


    • Wind energy enclosure comprised of composite structural framework with high performance, polymeric geomembrane aero surfaces.
    • Prewired charge controller, Li Ion battery storage, and external power connections.
    • Rotor comprised of aluminum airframe and skin.
    • CONEX box is standard steel 20’CEU shipping container modified to suit
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    Technology Summary

    Revolutionary Approach To Wind Energy Capture

    The sails of the CR Wind Energy System intercept the wind, create a vortex and focus its energy in a chamber at the center of the enclosure.

    The fortified, hidden-in-plain-sight stationary structure harvests wind from all directions. Does not need to be pointed into wind.

    70 year design life. Survives 200mph winds.

    Produces 2x power of typical alternative energy technology.

    Silent, stationary, no shadow flicker, people and wildlife friendly. Blends in with built-environment.

    Dynamic Chamber

    At the center of our enclosure is a chamber housing the rotor. The chamber dynamically changes size and shape responding to ambient wind speed and direction, optimizing air flow and power production.

    Easy Deployment

    Ground mounted. No tower or foundation, connect with solar arrays.

    Next Generation Rotor

    Our revolutionary, lightweight high performance rotor starts at lower wind speeds, stable at high wind speeds and is designed to drive multiple redundant generators.

    Minimum Maintenance

    All units are designed to operate in extreme and harsh environments with minimal maintenance.

    Deployment, operation and maintenance training included.

    10-year warranty and optional Investment Protection Program extended warranty and service / maintenance program.

    Proudly 100% Made in the US.

    Technical Specifications

    Model Information



    Design Lifetime

    70 years

    Foundation Type

    No foundation required, Anchored Conex Box


    Stationary enclosure

    Yaw System

    N/A - Dynamic chamber mechanically adapts to changes in wind speed and direction.

    Weight (including CONEX box and Battery Storage)
    Noise Level

    (0 dB above ambient at 0 ft from equipment.)

    Electrical Output

    Generator Type and Drivetrain

    Variable Load Generator Array (VLGA) with serpentine belt power transmission.


    15.5VDC to charge controller.

    Inverter options and external power connections available, contact factory to specify.

    Electrical system prewired at factory.

    Battery Storage

    Li Ion Batteries standard. Customer configurable, contact factory.

    Environmental Specifications

    Min Temp

    -40 ℉

    Max Temp

    115 ℉

    Humidity and Corrosion

    All materials are non corrosive.

    Enclosure designed to suffer airborne particulate matter including sand and ice.


    Lightning rod and electrical surge protection included.


    Cut in Wind Speed

    8 mph

    Cut Out Wind Speed

    100 mph

    Max Survivable Wind Speed

    200 mph

    Rated power v. Wind Speed

    2 kW @ 20mph

    8 kW @ 30mph

    Power Curve

    Standard Conditions *

    CR Series power curve

    Average Month Production

    Avg. Annual Wind Speed (mph)

    Energy (kWh / mo)















    * Standard conditions: air density 1.225 kg/m3, equivalent to 15℃ at sea level.


    CR Unit Dimensions